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Sunday, August 18, 2002  

ABCNEWS.com : Europeans Not Needed for Iraq Attack - U.S. Adviser

A better headline would be from a quote in the article:

"Our European allies are just not relevant to this."

With Russia prepared to sign a $40 billion trade and economic agreement, we might want to look into just who is relevant, don't you think?

A final bit from this article:

"If you look at President Bush's experience and how we've done this in the past, (you'll see) that if he decides to go forward with any sort of military action that he'll do so in a way that is very responsible and very judicious," Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett said on "This Week."

Questions come leaping to mind:

What experience?
When have we done this before?

Is he talking about Afghanistan? Because if that's the resume, we're in big trouble.

Or maybe it's his Viet Nam experience. Hmm...........

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