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Friday, August 16, 2002  

And the Republicans pull off another beauty. Not content with nominating child molestors and dealers in drug paraphenalia for their Businessman of the Year award, are they? No, let's go a step further, and put a child abuser in charge of our children! Yes, this will help things.

TALLAHASSEE - The man named Thursday by Gov. Jeb Bush to head Florida's notoriously inept child welfare agency is an evangelical Christian who views spanking that causes ''bruises or welts'' as acceptable punishment.

The revelation did not come to Bush's attention until hours after the governor introduced Jerry Regier, a former Oklahoma Cabinet secretary and aide to Bush's father, as the new chief of the state's Department of Children and Families.

Oops. You think maybe they should spend a wee bit of time and money on background checks or something? If they select these people at random, the laws of chance dictate that virtually every Republican is crooked or immoral, apparently.

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