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Wednesday, August 28, 2002  

Any of you who still don't believe that atheists are discriminated against read this.

In essence, a man lost a court case because the opposing attorney simply mentioned, during jury questioning, that he is an atheist. No reason for mentioning it, no relevance to the case, in which he was suing a contractor for breach of contract.

Teague said he believes the jury ruled against him because he is not a Christian.

"There's no question about that," Teague said. "You should have seen the jurors. You could have heard a pin drop after they were told I was an atheist."

The Alabama Supreme Court disagreed and upheld the jury's verdict in a decision dated Aug. 16.

Darby, Alabama director of American Atheists, said in the appeal to the high court that Brittain's statement was made to alienate jurors against Teague. He said his client's religious affiliation had nothing to do with the dispute over work done at Teague's home.

While the objection should indeed have been brought up during the questioning, rather than after, it doesn't really matter. Justice has not been served. Of course, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld this decision, but remember that the Chief Justice in Alabama is Roy Moore, the man who decided it was just fine and good to put a huge Ten Commandments monument in the Supreme Court Building.

His only hope now is the US Supreme Court. Anyone wanna bet what they'll find?

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