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Saturday, August 17, 2002  

Ex-General Says Wargames Were Rigged (washingtonpost.com) Got this by way of Lean Left.

General Van Riper was basically using good standard tactics he had learned in the field to defeat the new fangled tactics thought up by defense contractors to sell new weapons and systems. One of the most striking is this:

Robert Oakley, a retired ambassador who played the role of civilian leader of the Red force, told the Times that Van Riper was outthinking the Blue force. He said, for example, that in the computer simulations, Van Riper used motorcycle messengers to transmit orders, negating the Blue forces' high-tech eavesdropping capabilities. When the Blue naval forces sailed into the Persian Gulf early in the experiment, Van Riper's forces surrounded the ships with small boats and planes.

Much of the Blue force's ships ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Oakley said Joint Forces Command officials had to stop the exercise and "refloat" the fleet in order to continue.

The motorcycle messengers. Hmm. Remember how Mullah Omar supposedly escaped Afghanistan? That's right, motorcycle.

As far as his strategy in the Gulf against our ships, well, anybody remember the Cole and the Stark and the Roberts? All three heavily damaged by, that's right, a small boat and a small plane and a mine.

Low tech warfare. Something our planners seem to want to ignore.

Here's what disturbs me most about this: The civilians who came up with these new fangled war strategies are also the ones that were recently reported to be the folks who came up with our Iraqi war plans.

Maybe they've figured out a way to "refloat" ships in real life.

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