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Thursday, August 15, 2002  

I just saw the silliest spin on Hardball. Chris Matthews played a soundbite from Hillary Clinton talking about the "Clinton-Rubin" economic policies. He then immediately spun it that she didn't say "Clinton/Gore" because she's in competition with Al Gore for leadership of the Democratic Party. Of course, he conveniently forgot that Rubin was the primary architect of Clinton's economic policies.

And he's moved on to a pile-on on Cynthia McKinney. A couple of facts that he's spun the wrong way: She did not accuse Bush of knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, simply called for an investigation into the possibility. Sort of the way people suspected Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor. And he also has accused her of receiving funds from groups under investigation of terrorist connections.

Since many of George Bush's contributors are also under the same investigations, I'm sure he'll be calling for Bush to resign real soon now.


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