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Friday, August 30, 2002  

An interesting story from my old hometown paper, The Andalusia Star News. This lawsuit could seriously hurt Seigelman's chances, which is bad, as he is, after all, a Democratic Governor, and Riley is just a Very Bad Choice for governor, regardless. On the other hand, it could potentially help get rid of State School Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson. And yes, that's how he's referred to in most stories. I almost think that's his legal name.

State School Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson is a dictatorial power-mad buffoon who doesn't know the first thing about actually teaching in a real classroom. If he'd leave his lofty position and actually teach in a classroom for a year under the idiotic and ever changing demands put on our teachers, he might learn a thing or two.

Then again, maybe not.

The state still has not told teachers what standardised test will be given this year, nor the format, nor even the first clue as to what will be tested. But if a school's students aren't properly prepared for this mystery test, that school will have hell to pay, or State School Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson's particular version of it. Funding is being cut, but standards have to be raised. Local funding is being stolen, but woe betide the school that doesn't perform up to his standards, whatever they are that day.

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