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Thursday, August 29, 2002  

Michigan's Attorney General has found a nice old trick for election time: Let's start up a howling fury about child pornography!

Her problem is, she's fallen prey to the belief that child porn is actually a widespread thing. It's actually very rare. I know at one point the largest manufacturer of child porn in the US was the Postal Service, copying stuff they used in stings. (This was in the 80's, so no link yet.)

Child porn makes wonderful campaign fodder for State AGs. Hard to argue against them, because you suddenly look like you're for child porn.

Note the wording in this line, especially the bold part:

"By going after the online money changers of the child porn world, we are trying to target a choke-point in the industry," Granholm's statement said."

Money changers? How more obviously pandering can one get?

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