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Saturday, August 17, 2002  

news.telegraph.co.uk - Back us against Saddam or else, US tells Arab states

And that's that. You're with us or against us. The li'l Bush boy is apparently willing to declare war on the entire Arab world rather than back down from his ridiculous rhetoric.

American diplomats are sending an uncompromising message to Arab states: those who do not support the planned United States operation against Saddam Hussein will be treated as enemies.

We are approaching the point that someone, somewhere, has to take Bush aside and gently explain to him that there is no bloody way we can defeat the entire world without resorting to nuclear weapons.

Then again, this idiot is entirely likely to jump to the nuclear option out of curiousity. "Pa, what's a mushroom cloud look like?"

Hopefully these chickenhawkds will be faced with a strike by the Pentagon, but their recent purge of veteran Generals makes that unlikely as well.

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