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Tuesday, August 27, 2002  

One of my previously stated stances has changed. In reference to the McKinney defeat, I called for an end to open primaries.

Upon further review, I've changed my mind, and here's why:

In many parts of the south, such as Alabama, all local politics is Democratic. So, in an primary with, say, one US representative, anyone who is registered Republican would have no say in any of the other local races. That's not good at all. It actually prevents people from having a say in very important elections.

Now, I could see a compromise, where we basically eliminate party affiliation for local races, such as county and city, and just run with a big field that everyone can vote in, but until that happens, and it won't, we actually need open primaries.

Or how would we feel if we got this change, and all the local weenies switched to Republican? Suddenly, we couldn't vote in local primaries if we wanted to vote in national and state primaries. Again, not fair at all.

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