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Thursday, August 15, 2002  

Well, and let's get started.

As the title indicates, I intend to discuss primarily politics and religion, from a Godless American point of view. I'll be adding links as time goes on, and as I learn the ropes on this blogging thing.

To start with: BBC News finally allowed an atheist to give their Thought for the Day recently.

A quote from that article that I find remarkable:

In his talk, Prof Dawkins argued that science had managed to explain many of the mysteries of life and that believing that God could protect us was an "infantile regression".

He said: "We have been born and we are going to die, but before we die we have time to understand why we were born. Humanity can now leave the cry-baby phase and finally come of age - that is a thought for more than one day."

How long before we finally start to see this sort of maturity here? Consider that there are no atheists as main characters on television. Even the show that portrays science and reason in its best light, CSI, has as its lead the cliched "tortured lapsed Catholic" who keeps questioning his faith.

I'm ready for someone in the popular media to just unabashedly come out and declare the truth, that 10-15% of Americans don't believe in God, and the number is growing.

But, with the religious nuts taking firm hold in this Administration, I don't see that happening anytime soon. And it's sad, as I think it will simply contribute to the ongoing trivialisation of our nation in the world community.

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