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Monday, September 30, 2002  

ABCNEWS.com : W. Coast Ports Stay Shut Until Deal

The deal being, the dock workers want increased safety. They are also simply asking that any jobs introduced due to new technology be union jobs.

Horrors! They're commies! Must stop, must stop!

Bush has already threatened to send in troops. He's made a couple of critical errors here, however.

First, dock workers are no longer simply strong backs and weak minds hauling cargo around. These guys are very well trained in some seriously difficult work, running huge cranes at top speed. No way Bush has 80,000 trained dock workers socked away in the National Guard somewhere.

The other error he's made is "misunderestimating" his opponents. These guys aren't the air traffic controllers. These guys are old school union, and there's likely to be bloodshed if scabs try to cross the line.

And I'm curious as to when the Teamsters or the east coasters are going to get involved? One Billion Dollars a Day. That's what this is costing us for now. Wait until both coasts are shut down.

Merry Christmas.

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