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Wednesday, September 04, 2002  

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Stella Rimington: 'Terrorism did not begin on September 11'

A brilliant editorial by a British intelligence specialist. Especially the folowing quote:

We in the UK hold certain freedoms sacred - freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religious belief, freedom from intrusion into our private lives. Understandably, unless faced with clear evidence of a present danger, British governments of whatever political colour will lean towards providing maximum civil liberty. To behave differently is to let terrorism win its war against democracy before the first shot is fired.

The same should hold true in America. But it's changing rapidly.

The conclusion rings true as well, and is a subtle and pointed jab at George "smoke 'em out" Bush.

Finally, the most effective way of disrupting terrorists would be to deny them the publicity they crave. That can never be. But in their public response politicians should use words of scorn, rather than the rhetoric of revenge. All rhetoric plays into the hands of terrorists but talk of revenge breeds yet more hatred in a never-ending cycle. When a terrorist attack succeeds, we must try not to allow our reaction to give the terrorists even greater satisfaction than they get from the death and destruction they cause.

A shame the Bush boy doesn't have the maturity to see this.

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