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Tuesday, September 10, 2002  

The Scotsman - Top Stories - Enron trap threatens to snare Blair

Well, now, isn't this interesting. Do we now have a clue to explain why Blair has been such a lapdog to Bush?

TONY Blair was under intense pressure last night to come clean about his close links with the collapsed US company Enron amid growing allegations that the multi-national had directly influenced the government’s energy policy.

A besieged Downing Street was struggling to contain the scandal that has rocked the Bush administration and is now threatening to engulf the government amid evidence Mr Blair had intervened to protect the interests of the US-owned energy corporation.
But The Scotsman has learned the government waived its own moratorium on gas-fired power stations on 10 July 1999, to give Enron special exemption to build a combined heat and power plant (CHP) on Teesside.

Coincidentally, Stephen Byers, the then Trade and Industry Secretary, had met Enron representatives just a few days earlier on 26 May.
David Davis, the Tory Party chairman, said Mr Blair had to make clear what role he played in the decision to abandon the ban on gas-fired stations.

Describing it as a very murky business, he said: "The question remains whether Mr Blair was aware of the meetings between his ministers and Enron executives and whether he intervened to secure a change of policy."

He added: "This looks like a very murky business in which a big American corporation has admitted giving money to Labour in return for access to ministers. Subsequently those ministers made important changes to energy policy."

Welcome to the club, sir. Welcome to the club.

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