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Sunday, October 06, 2002  

McBride promises to say in public what he says in private

But this is really about Jeb Bush. First, he talked about the "juicy details" of a missing girl's caregivers, they turn out to be lesbian, and they may even be Liberals!

The latest, I thought, was his being taped (unawares) in a meeting where he said he had "devious plans" to torpedo a vote on capping class sizes.

But then he comes out with this one, just a few hours later.
In Orlando, Bush told about 600 black supporters, including large numbers of ministers, that funding for predominantly black universities has increased under his watch and that more appointments of minority candidates have been made to the state's boards and commissions.

[b]"I try not to make decisions with white men who look and think like me," said Bush[/b], who has been criticized by some black leaders for eliminating affirmative action programs in university admissions and the awarding of state contracts.

I'd be real happy if people who think like him were never in a decision-making position again, to be honest.

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