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Thursday, October 03, 2002  

The Pensacola News Journal has this classy tidbit from Jeb Bush.

With the arrest of Rilya Wilson's caregivers on allegations of welfare fraud, Gov. Jeb Bush added his own "juicy details" in the national case.

Pamela Graham and Geralyn Smith were arrested Wednesday on allegations they illegally collected public assistance checks, including those for Wilson, 6, who lived in Miami until she disappeared eight months ago.

Bush told a visiting delegation of Panhandle legislators the news, adding he had "some juicy details."

He then implied the women are lesbians.

"As (Graham) was being arrested, she told her co-workers, `Tell my `wife' I've been arrested.' The wife is the grandmother, and the aunt is the husband," Bush explained, using his fingers to indicate quotation marks to emphasize the word "grandmother."

"Bet you don't get that in Pensacola," Bush told his visitors, which included a News Journal capital bureau reporter.

Nice sense of humour, there, Jeb. I'm sure next you'll discover they're Democrats.

Any luck tracking down those kids? Maybe that ol' debbil Osama's got 'em!

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