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Sunday, October 06, 2002  

The Memory Hole > Transcript: Call to Police About Noelle Bush Allegedly Bringing Crack into a Drug-Treatment Center

Truly sad.

Oh, and there's more fun.
ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- Noelle Bush's attorneys have asked a judge to bar the public from court hearings on their client's drug treatment, saying media attention violates her right to privacy, according to court records.

Peter Antonacci, one of three lawyers representing Gov. Jeb Bush's only daughter, cited a judge's ruling this week that drug treatment workers do not have to testify about a piece of crack cocaine allegedly found in her shoe.

"This harsh glare of the public scrutiny is the exact evil that both Congress and the Florida Legislature sought to remedy by enacting broad confidentiality provisions to protect substance abuse patients," Antonacci said in court documents filed Friday.

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