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Friday, September 19, 2003  

But this isn't a quagmire, oh, no. So stop saying that.

AP Wire | 09/19/2003 | Iraq attacks give U.S. forces jitters: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - In the last six days, U.S. troops have shot at Iraqi police, journalists, a wedding party and a top Italian diplomat searching for looted antiquities.
The Americans are under increasing pressure as the guerrilla resistance has stepped up its hit-and-run attacks and is bringing more firepower and sophistication to the fight.
Unsure of who will shoot at them next, the U.S. forces have been involved in 'friendly fire' attacks in which 10 civilians have been killed in the past two months.
'We are facing an adaptive, asymmetric enemy, and we, of course, are adapting and refining our tactics, techniques and procedures as well,' Lt. Col. George Krivo, U.S. military spokesman, said Friday.
In areas where resistance is stiffest, the massive response by U.S. soldiers is changing once-neutral residents into outright opponents.
'The killing of the policemen was the turning point for me,' said Sabah Khalaf, recalling the Sept. 12 friendly-fire killing of eight U.S.-allied Iraqi policemen in Fallujah - one of the most dangerous cities for American forces."

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