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Friday, October 31, 2003  

Eschaton brings us this chilling story. Apparently, the RNC, not content to be in control of Congress, the White House, the courts, and a good chunk of the media, now wants to review programmes for content before airing.

But these people aren't fascists, so stop saying that.

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Yikes! My computer blowed up real good. Just got my wife's old computer working and on-line, so I'm back.

One day, I'll be able to blog for more than a month without a crisis happening.

More blogging, including my experience during the Firestorm here in San Diego, later this evening.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003  

Blogged by everybody:

"They are not the only apparatchiks deemed worthy of rehabilitation. Almost all of the bureaucrats at the information ministry have done very nicely for themselves since the war. The government minders who spent their days reporting to the intelligence services on foreign reporters or doing their best to obstruct their work have gone on to well-paid jobs - for the same foreign news organisations they once hounded.
The second-in-command at the information ministry, who spent his days reading the reports the minders wrote about visiting foreign journalists, has been employed by Fox News. "

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CalPundit: The New Model Republican Party

Okay, this is just scary. Go read this. It's the platform for the Texas State Republican Party. You know, the folks being led by Delay, and Rove, and Bush, et al.

Once more, it is absolutely critical we beat these people.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003  

Yahoo! News - Rice Says Iraq Never Disarmed

WASHINGTON - President Bush, facing growing doubts about his handling of postwar Iraq, launched a new public relations campaign to convince Americans his course is the correct one. His national security adviser insisted Wednesday that Saddam Hussein harbored ambitions to use unconventional weapons — even though none has been found.

Condoleezza Rice told a foreign policy forum in Chicago that the team led by chief U.S. weapons hunter David Kay "is finding proof that Iraq never disarmed and never complied with U.N. inspectors."

In fact, she suggested, if the U.N. Security Council knew last winter what Kay's group has uncovered now, it never would have rejected the U.S. call for war.

"Right up until the end, Saddam lied to the Security Council. And let there be no mistake, right up to the end, Saddam Hussein continued to harbor ambitions to threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction and to hide his illegal weapons activity," she told the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.

That's right. We invaded him because he had ambitions.

Suppose Condi should check in with Colin?

So, the Kay report comes in, says there are no WMDs to be found, Saddam was in full compliance, and the White House "spin" is that there are WMDs and he wasn't in compliance.

In most realities, this is called "lying".

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And LiberalOasis has some nice things to say as well.

Basically, it was the economy, the fact that Cruz and Davis couldn't get their campaigns coordinated, both Davis and Arnold were centrists (so no mandate), and the personal attacks weren't effective. I think the problem with the "personal attacks" is that they came too late. Arnold was doing a terrible job of responding to them, and polls showed that they were having a real effect on his numbers.

Had the LA Times managed to come out with the story a week or two earlier, Arnold may well have lost.

One other thing, and then I'm done with this election. Arnold could not have won this campaign without the media. He got probably $100 million worth of free publicity. That only happened because it was a sixty day campaign. If this were a normal year long campaign, the media would have tired of him and started looking harder for dirt. Arnold will have a much harder time winning reelection.

He's likely going to be another Jesse Ventura. Watch for a lot of finger pointing at the legislature when things don't get better fast.

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Lean Left: Weird Election Kevin talks about California, and offers up some hope. Makes me feel quite a bit better.

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The Hulk on Arnold. A little levity is in order.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003  

Well, this should be fun to watch. Arnold, you can't do what you promised you would do. All the rhetoric tonight is that California has been "saved" by your election.

Go for it. I'm going to be laughing at every failure.

All you did is lower the bar even further. Republicans can't say a word about Clinton's sex antics now. We can run pretty much anybody with a scandal in the past, because you've inoculated the electoral process.

How you got elected is a mystery, but there it is. Let's see you accomplish even a tenth of what you promised.

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I just voted. No on recall, no on the propositions, yes on Bustamante. If you live in California, go vote, a high left turnout is our only hope.

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Monday, October 06, 2003  

Okay, this is just insane: " The Defense Department sold equipment to the public that can be used for making biological warfare agents, according to a draft report by the General Accounting Office. "

The GAO set up a dummy corporation and bought the equipment to start up their own bioweapons lab for 10 cents on the dollar.

Feel safer?

Oh, and here's more from that article:

A congressional source said the GAO front corporation was able to buy evaporator, incubator and centrifuge equipment that can be used to produce biological warfare agents.

It also bought 300 to 400 protective suits required for the production of biological agents, the source said.

Weren't we all worked up about somebody having parts for a centrifuge lately?

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Body and Soul: Arnold's Broken English Jeanne covered this way back in August. It made a minor splash, and I'm rather surprised that it never caught on, and hasn't been used by the Davis or Bustamante campaigns.

Basically, US English is an English Only advocacy group founded by a racist. He's been with the organisation since 1987. It's a shame nobody's chosen to challenge him on this.

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Saturday, October 04, 2003  

Greg Palast has discovered the real reason Arnold is running for Governor.

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Friday, October 03, 2003  

Yahoo! News - Fla. Guardsmen Probed on Iraqi Marriages

I'm going to go into a little depth with the excerpts on this one. I find this truly disturbing.

"Two Florida National Guard soldiers who married Iraqi women against their commander's wishes are being investigated for allegedly defying an order, their families said. "

The distinction here is whether they had their CO's permission. Yes, you actually have to have your commander's permission to get married. That's normally a formality, but in this case it appears to be a problem.

Later in the article, the CO turns up as being supportive of teh two soldiers, which strongly implies that he approved. However, a Sergeant Major and the Battalion Commander disapproved. What likely happened is that the Sgt Major got upset that the CO gave permission, and went over his head to the Battalion CO.

The most disgusting thing about this is the Army's behaviour towards the men.

"Blackwell's wife, now working as an interpreter for an American firm in Baghdad, wrote that the Army has prevented him from contacting her since the double wedding on Aug. 17.

"Is this freedom in U.S.?" she wrote. "Where is the human right? Where is justice?"

McKee said the soldiers have been barred from using e-mail. For a time they also were prohibited from calling home, she said.

"It's an embarrassment to the Army," said Dagen's mother, Laverne Warren. Warren said her son also was not permitted to contact his Iraqi wife. "

Also disgusting:
Other soldiers, including his company commander, were supportive, but Hill and a sergeant major opposed the marriages, Blackwell wrote. He added that the sergeant major told him "Muslims and Christians just don't jive together."

Way to support the troops.

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Rush Limbaughtomy came across this Rush Limbaugh Hearing Loss Timeline from Shock & Awe. Featured in that timeline is the possible cause of Rush's hearing loss:

Misuse of Pain Drug Linked to Hearing Loss

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From Body and Soul comes another fun bombshell for the Arnold campaign: Asked who his heroes are, he answered, 'I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it.'
He is quoted as saying he wished he could have an experience, 'like Hitler in the Nuremberg stadium. And have all those people scream at you and just being total agreement whatever you say.' "

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Thursday, October 02, 2003  

Yahoo! News - Schwarzenegger Says He's 'Behaved Badly'

Well, only if you count multiple sexual harrassments, groping, etc., as bad behaviour.

But he wants to be "Champion of the Women." Somehow, I think he may have a different meaning in mind.

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Welcome to October. Three yesterday, who knows how many this will turn out to be today.

But they love us, they really do. And the war's going great, just great!

Grenade attack kills US soldier north of Baghdad : HindustanTimes.com
U.S. Army foot patrol attacked in front of mayor's office in Fallujah; convoy attacked southeast of town

From this last article: "In Fallujah, residents said the American forces fired tear gas and small arms after they were fired upon. Witnesses said a woman and child across the street were hit, but that report could not be independently confirmed. "

But we have supersmart weapons that never kill anyone who doesn't deserve it.

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Body and Soul has a scary entry about the rise of the Taliban and the renewed oppression of women in Afghanistan. Maybe Laura Bush can quit flirting with Old Europeans and worry about this some more?

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LiberalOasis just made a great find. This is John Ashcroft on Evans and Novak (sans Novak) in 1997, discussing Gore's fundraising.

ASHCROFT: The truth of the matter is that if the law's been violated, we should be able to ascertain that.

We can, if we have an independent person without a conflict of interest…

ROWLAND EVANS: …The attorney general has shaved down all the allegations that Vice President Gore apparently down to one single allegation -- which telephone he used to make these fundraising calls from.

Do you really think that alone is worthy of a special prosecutor?

ASHCROFT: …you know, a single allegation can be most worthy of a special prosecutor.

If you're abusing government property, if you're abusing your status in office, it can be a single fact that makes the difference on that.

So my own view is that there are plenty of things which should have caused [Attorney General Janet Reno], a long time ago, to appoint a special prosecutor, an independent investigator.

We asked for that on March the 13th of this year in letters from Republican members on the Judiciary Committee. And she's in a bad position…

…The man who signs her check is the man that she's investigating, and she hasn't been very aggressive about it.

Go read LiberalOasis' take on this, it's truly hilarious. My own take is that this is yet another example of conservative hypocrisy. As if we needed more.

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