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Monday, November 17, 2003  

Freedom in Iraq:

Some also were furious that troops were arresting men who had more than the single AK-47 now allowed by the coalition forces. At least a dozen of those taken away were detained after the army confiscated revolvers or bird guns that could not have presented a serious threat to the security of the occupying forces.

"Of course everybody has weapons," said Samir al-Hadith, an engineer who works in Saudi Arabia and had returned to Baghdad to check on his home. "There are so many thieves nowadays. we have to defend our families."

"Under Saddam Hussein there was much more security and we could own guns," he said.

Zuheir Ali, 26, was detained after troops found a snub-nose .38 Smith & Wesson revolver in his house along with an AK-47. They left the automatic rifle but confiscated the handgun.

"I don't understand this, we're not criminals, we only want to defend our homes from looters," Ali said.

Journalists accompanying the troops during the bitterly cold night were offered hot tea by several of the residents.

"But no tea for the soldiers," said Lamya Shaheen Ahmed who stood on the sidewalk with her mother and two sisters after troops had gone through their house.

We're making lots of friends, aren't we? Has anyone alerted the NRA to the fact that the Army has become a gun-grabbing organisation?

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