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Monday, November 17, 2003  

This is just hilarious.

Twenty-one Iowa National Guard troops who tested positive for drug use on the eve of their deployment were sent overseas anyway, despite the Army's "zero tolerance" policy. And now the Army must decide how to deal with them when they return.

Thirty-seven Iowa troops tested positive for drugs, including two methamphetamine users, two cocaine users and one soldier who tested positive for both meth and amphetamines, according to the Des Moines Register.

Officials at Fort McCoy, Wis., one of the assembly points, said Friday that some of the soldiers used the drugs intending to be caught and sent home.

"On a certain level, it would be perverse to throw people out because of their misconduct, when other people who did not engage in that misconduct are having to put their lives on the line," said Eugene Fidell, a military law expert with the National Institute of Military Justice.


"A positive on their drug test is not going to keep them here, unless there's a dependency issue," said Linda Fournier, a Fort McCoy spokeswoman. "These units have to have so many people to go overseas."

Next up: Gay? Big deal, grab and gun and go die for Halliburton.

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