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Friday, January 02, 2004  

From the
D'oh! Files:

"Citing French officials, the [Wall Street Journal] said the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation gave French police on December 22 a list of six suspects' names and information indicating militants linked to al-Qaida were planning to hijack an Air France jet.

French officials said that when French agents detained the passengers on the Paris-Los Angeles flights with names matching those on the list, Air France found the name matching that of the head of a Tunisian-based terror group was a child.

Another "terrorist" was a Welsh insurance agent while a third was an elderly Chinese woman who once ran a restaurant in Paris, the newspaper said. The other three on the list were French citizens."

On the other hand, a "source close to French investigating judges" who are involved in terrorism cases claim we never actually gave them any names, just flight numbers.

Nice to see we're working so well with our allies, isn't it? Make you feel a lot more secure?

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