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Monday, January 19, 2004  

Go read this speech by General Wesley Clark. It's the speech he gave in South Carolina for Martin Luther King Day.

Here's my favourite bits:

Forty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans convened in our Capitol to march with Dr. King and hear his dream for our nation. Together, they stood - halfway between a monument to the man who granted the first measure of freedom, and the Congress of men who had yet to finish the job. And on that hot August day, citizens from across our country who yearned for justice linked arms, and pledged together in song: We Shall Overcome.

But as I stand before you today, forty years later, the sad fact is that we have not overcome.

When black Americans are twice as likely to be out of a job, twice as likely to live in poverty, and a third less likely to have health care - then we have not overcome.

When hundreds of thousands of black men sit behind bars and millions never finish school - then we have not overcome.

When our President has the audacity to visit the grave of Dr. King one day, then dishonor his memory the next by appointing an anti-civil rights, anti-voting rights, anti-justice, anti-American judge - then we have not overcome.

And when a political party can suppress the vote and steal a presidential election - when a man can sit in the White House when the only vote he's won took place in the U.S. Supreme Court - then my friends, we still have not overcome.

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