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Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

Here's a great example of conservative fiscal policy in California:

"Bibles would be given to every public school student in California unless parents objected under a proposed ballot measure by an Orange County man.

The secretary of state's office gave the go-ahead Monday to Matt McLaughlin who will begin collecting signatures for the ballot initiative that would allow the use of the Bible as a textbook in literature classes.

McLaughlin must collect 598,105 valid signatures by May 24, according to Secretary of State Kevin Shelley's office.
Voters would then decide whether to amend the state's constitution authorizing the voluntary use of the authorized or King James version Bibles for classes in elementary, middle and high schools.

A release by Shelley's office said the study of the Bible in public schools would be without devotional or denominational purpose. Projected costs to the state and local school district are about $200 million, legislative analysts said."

Now, I can almost accept the idea of teaching elements of the Bible as literature. IIRC, there were Biblical passages from the Old Testament in my World Lit textbook. I question the wisdom of using the entire Bible as textbook, however. A few selected passages in context with other ancient writings would be better, I think.

Also, permit me to rant a bit, but the state is about to go bankrupt, and these idiots want to spend $200 million to put Bibles in schools?

Finally, this is, hopefully, much ado about nothing, as this line from the article attests:

McLaughlin, an attorney from Huntington Beach, said he has collected between 50 and 100 signatures over the last two days and has received a good response from people.

Only 598,000 to go.

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