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Monday, January 12, 2004  

Hey, look, North Dakota is getting ES&S electronic voting machines.:

"Experts have raised questions about whether touch-screen machines, which do not provide a paper receipt of a voter's choices, are vulnerable to tampering. Congress is considering two measures that would require permanent records of votes.
Jaeger said he believes printing a paper copy of a voter's picks could "take away, a little bit, the privacy of the vote." In any case, election equipment is tested for accuracy, and is not part of a large computer network, Jaeger said.
"We really feel kind of comfortable with where we're at," he said.
Election Systems was one of three companies that competed for the contract. The others were Diebold Election Systems of McKinney, Texas, and Avante International Technology of Princeton Junction, New Jersey."

That's right. Paper ballots take away privacy. Never mind that you can't actually have a recount without a paper trail. It's all about privacy issues now.

And don't you feel secure when the Sec of State says he "really feels kind of comfortable" with the system?

Finally, notice that one of the other two companies competing for the contract is run by the brother of the man who runs the company that actually won the contract. Convenient, isn't it?

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