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Saturday, January 17, 2004  

How very strange. The original link, Clark Hints at Bush's Military Service, now leads to a story about Clark's being endorsed by McGovern. This change was made across the news services. Rather interesting. The link has now been corrected. Note that the headline has been changed, as well, while the story remains the same. Hmm....

Well, it's beginning. Rove's nightmare. Clark Backer Questions Bush Guard Service:

"I want to see that debate: the general versus the deserter," Moore said to enthusiastic applause at a packed rally in a high-school gymnasium, reiterating a line he uses frequently.

Clark, asked later by reporters if he agreed with Moore's characterization of Bush as a "deserter," said: "I've heard those charges. I don't know whether they're established or not. He was never prosecuted for it. The question in this election is can we bring a higher standard of leadership to America."

What's much more important, to me, is that the Associated Press actually printed the following two paragraphs:
"Bush spent most of his time in the Guard based near Houston, but in May 1972 he received a three-month assignment in Alabama with the 187th Tactical Recon Unit in Montgomery while he worked on a political campaign in the state.
Retired Gen. William Turnipseed, a commander at the Alabama base, said during the 2000 presidential campaign that he never saw Bush appear for duty for that unit's drills. Bush maintains he was there, but records have never been produced to document that Bush was there."

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