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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

I'm sure everyone is just shocked at this news. How many times do these bastards have to lie their way into office before the people will wake up and realise what's going on?

Governor broke campaign law, judge rules

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger broke state law last year when he used a loophole to loan his campaign committee $4 million, a move that prevented voters from knowing before Election Day who would end up paying the governor's campaign bills, a judge ruled late Monday.

Schwarzenegger will probably face no fines as a result of the ruling, but he will be blocked from paying himself back with the more than $3.4 million he has raised since his election and will have to convert the loans into a personal contribution to his campaign.

... While there's no way to know how much Schwarzenegger's use of the loans influenced the outcome of the election, Berkeley attorney Lowell Finley said, ``it did make a difference in how long he was able to maintain the illusion that he was above special-interest politics.''

Schwarzenegger said days before the election that voters should ``trust me'' and shouldn't be concerned whether they knew who his donors were before or after the election. ``I will not take money from special interests, from any of the unions or Indian gaming,'' he said.

He has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers, insurers and dozens of other businesses.

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