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Wednesday, January 14, 2004  

So, the right is all up in arms about comparing the President to Hitler. Particularly they're upset about the ad submitted to MoveOn.org which didn't even make the finals. So let's see how the right really feels about comparing the President to Hitler, shall we?

Washington Post, June 27, 2000, via The Tooney Bin and Eschaton:

For example, retiring Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage (R-Idaho), commenting on one of Clinton's national monument designations, said, "This president is engaging in the largest land grab since the invasion of Poland."

Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) went a bit further a couple of weeks ago when Clinton designated Arizona's Ironwood Forest a national monument. "I would draw a parallel to Hitler," Shadegg said. "He eroded the will of the German people to resist evil."

Our favorite is Arkansas Republican Rep. Jay Dickey's recent fundraising letter reminding supporters they can give him $1,000 for the primary and another $1,000 in the general election campaign. He doesn't want anyone to "later . . . say to me that I should have reminded you of the threats," he said.

"Just as people who read Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' and then later were surprised at the evils of the 3rd Reich [sic]," Dickey said, "we have the blueprint for what the White House plans to do: defeat me! This is because I not only dared to vote my conscience on the impeachment issue, but dared to do it after a publicly expressed threat that I would lose the election if I did. Are we going to let an astounding abuse of power go unanswered?"

Rush Limbaugh had something to say, of course:

As Hitler proved in Germany, the most dangerous leader may be elected and have enormous popularity. Hopefully Clinton is no Hitler, but he is certainly as good a liar.

And now we come to the right's favourite place to foam and fuss and fume, Newsmax. They've been all over the Bush/Hitler ad, so we can assume that they'd be just as upset to find that anybody had compared Clinton to Hitler, right?


1. Bill Clinton Admired Hitler Too over

We are not sure Arnold Schwarzenegger admired Adolph Hitler. If he did, he would share something with Bill Clinton.

The Clintons' anti-Semitism is now well known.


Clinton's interest in Hitler was not based on the fascist leader's anti-Semitism, but the great leadership skills of Hitler, according to Patterson.

Clinton, Patterson remembered, was intrigued that Hitler "had so much power over these people and that it had just been a short period of time since World War I where they'd been defeated, and this man had come forward and had rallied the German people."


But that was just one passing reference, based on just one man's testimony. Surely it wasn't an editorial slant or anything...

Bill Clinton and How He Got That Way
Norman Liebmann
November 11, 1999

In order to understand more poignantly Bill Clinton's character, it is useful to recall the ancestors whose blood flows in his veins. Here is a list of some of Bill Clinton's antecedents, and the quotations by which they are best remembered and defined. Conclusions are irresistible:

ADOLPH HITLER CLINTON: "The fact that nobody in Arkansas wears shoes does not necessarily mean they're not Aryans."

Now that's starting to get a little troublesome. And here they go talking about his "fascination" again. Are they trying to tell us something?
He did find it bothersome, however, that Bill Clinton had a deep fascination for Adolf Hitler and his book Mein Kampf.

And here they go right over the top. I recommend reading the whole article, for a full few into the deranged minge of the lunatic right. It's really quite hilarious.

In the Sudeten crisis, Hitler claimed to be inspired by internationalist ideals. "Among the fourteen points which President Wilson promised ..." the Fuhrer proclaimed, "was the fundamental principle of the self-determination of all peoples ..." By freeing the Sudeten Germans, Hitler argued, he was fulfilling Wilson's vision.

Clinton too claims he is fighting for human rights. But ethnic cleansing does not bother Clinton when his friends are the ones doing the cleansing. He ordered no bombing when the Croatians drove 300,000 Serbs from Krajina, burning their homes and killing many. Nor did he intervene when our NATO ally Turkey slaughtered over 35,000 Kurds.

Every schoolchild today knows that Hitler's real goal, in seizing Czechoslovakia, was to use it as a stepping stone for his planned invasion of Russia.

But what is Clinton's real interest in Kosovo? Nobody knows.

And, finally, they report from an old "friend" of Bill's. Amazing that we didn't hear any cries of outrage over this, isn't it?

Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002 10:26 p.m. EST

Gennifer Flowers Warns: President Hillary Would Be 'Hitler-esque'

The woman who first tried to warn America about Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1991 said last week that the prospect of the former first lady becoming president of the United States is "Hitler-esque."

Disclaimer. This took approximately 10 minutes to compile using Google. I'd imagine someone with Lexis/Nexis could find a lot more fun stuff, putting specific conservative talking heads into the search string.

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