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Sunday, January 18, 2004  

This is the same speech that is supposed to show that Pretzel Boy is "above politics."

"The winner of the Iowa caucuses on Monday night will have an unexpected competitor waiting right around the corner, and he is not one of the Democrats running for president. The opponent is President Bush and his State of the Union address, which White House officials scheduled for Tuesday night, only 24 hours after Iowa, to draw attention from the Democratic victor, a Republican close to the Bush campaign said.
'Was it planned?' the Republican said. 'Yes. The fact that the Iowa caucus was going to be held on a certain date was not unknown to people in the White House.'
The underlying strategy, the Republican said, was not to steal all the thunder from the Democrats, which even another 'axis of evil' State of the Union address was unlikely to do, but rather to change the subject.
'What you achieve by doing it quickly is to get people to focus on the president's positive agenda after two weeks of people beating his brains in and criticizing every aspect of his policies,' the Republican said. He did not want to be named for fear of angering White House officials who insist that there is no political element to Mr. Bush's address -- even as Bush campaign officials say the speech will outline the broad themes of the his 2004 campaign."

Remember: These people do nothing that is not politically motivated. Nothing.

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