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"Announcing your plans is a good way to hear god laugh." - Al Swearingen

Friday, January 16, 2004  

Via The Yorkshire Ranter comes this troubling story.

Ayatollah Ali-al Sistani wants his direct elections, and he wants them now. He's not going to settle for "refinements" in the system, or anything less than free direct elections.

Of course, his campaign pledge is, basically, vote for me, and there won't be anymore elections.

Mind you, Viceroy Bremer is playing down the rift, but is that a surprise?

Here's a fun quote: "We will see protests, strikes and may be clashes with the occupation troops if they insist on their colonialist scheme." -- Shia cleric Abdul Mahdi

These are not people who are happy with us.

You see, W, this is why planning for the future is an important part of these little adventures.

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