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Friday, January 30, 2004  

Wow. A racist Republican. I'm shocked. But also notice that, in the entire article, Deccio's party affiliation wasn't mentioned once He's identified as a Republican in the accompanying picture caption, but that's it. In the text, which will be picked up and repeated, he's the only congressman not identified by party. What a display of fair and balanced coverange.

Someone alert Bernard Goldberg, I'm sure he'll want to include this in his revisions for the next edition of Bias.

Outrage at Yakima senator's racial slur: "State House officials requested a written apology yesterday from a Yakima senator who used a racial epithet during an argument in a closed-door meeting Thursday.
Others are calling for more substantial redress, including at least one demand for Sen. Alex Deccio's resignation from the Legislature.

During a heated exchange over a controversial proposal, Deccio told Republican Rep. Tom Campbell of Roy, who is white, that he's always been a 'nigger in the woodpile' when it comes to health insurance reform."

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