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Tuesday, February 10, 2004  

From Blah3.com comes this outrage:

"The Bush Administration's 2004 budget proposed gutting Veterans Administration (VA) services, including health care funding. Proposed cuts included: denying at least 360,000 veterans access to health care; $250 annual premiums; increased pharmacy co-payments; a 30 percent increased primary care co-payments; and increased waiting time for a first medical appointment.
Because of budgetary shortfalls, the VA suspended the enrollment of veterans not injured in service earning between $24,450 and $38,100 annually. VFW officials estimated the administration's VA budget is at least $2 billion short of meeting the demand for quality health care.
The FY 2004 budget approved by Congress calls for reducing VA funding over a 10-year period by $6.2 billion. Cuts are in the areas of veterans' health care and disability benefits. "

Read the rest of the article. Heck, print it out, and take it around to all those people who accused you of "not supporting the troops" back when you didn't want them to die for a bunch of bullshit lies.

After we throw the bastards out of office, let's bring 'em up on charges. Heck, impeachment would work. The Patriot Act made lying about US intelligence a felony, which is much worse than lying about a blow job. At least, it's worse to me. Maybe not to Republicans and other idiots.

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