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Friday, February 20, 2004  

Via Atrios:

This pisses me off: " During a Feb. 5 meet-the-candidate night for the newly formed College Republicans U. chapter -- not to be confused with the older and more established College Republicans -- representatives for several candidates revved up the jovial crowd with such statements as 'We need to put an end to the liberal Matheson era' and support 'the Democrat killers.'
As the audience giggled off and on, Mike Clement, representing congressional candidate Tim Bridgewater, spoke excitedly about Republican successes when College Republicans work hard, citing the victory of Norm Coleman in the 2002 U.S. Senate race in Minnesota.
As Clement bantered with the audience, one Republican gadfly noted that they defeated former Vice President Walter Mondale in that race, adding: 'We had to kill off Wellstone to get it.' He was referring to the death in a plane crash of Sen. Paul Wellstone and his family before the election.
An audio tape captures laughter. But both Clement and Danielle Fowles, acting chairwoman of the club, said they did not hear that comment and believe the laughter was just a continuation of the ongoing banter. "

But the "rally" was tasteless. Fucking bastards.

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