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Saturday, March 13, 2004  

Atlantis candidate asks for recount

According to Florida state law, there had to be a machine recount because the race was closer than 0.5%.

Of course, it was done on paperless electronic machines. Suprise! There are 41 of 42 "undervotes" on those ballots, but how are they supposed to figure out what's up?

See, this is how they fixed the chad problem. No ballots, no chads, no problems. Just go away, and assume that the computers never make a mistake. Doesn't matter that it's illegal to have a system where some counties can have recounts and some can't. Doesn't matter that state law requires manual recounts be done, but you can't do manual recounts with electronic voting.

Doesn't matter that the source code is being kept secret, in violation of federal election law.

Since the brothers who own Diebold and ES&S, the two companies that own 2/3 of the electronic voting industry, are good Republicans and Dominionists who love Bush and Ashcroft, who, exactly, is going to stop them?

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