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Friday, March 26, 2004  

A brief rebuttal of one of the Right Wing's favourite talking points about Richard Clarke: They've been going on and on about the fact that he's selling a book, and supposedly profit motive is tainting his honesty.

Let's ignore the fact that they're all covering their butts, and have a reason to lie as well, and look at just this one fact:

Would Richard Clarke have gotten anywhere near the coverage he's gotten, on 60 Minutes, the morning talk shows, Larry King Live, anywhere, had he not been selling a book? The media just doesn't work that way. They have to have a hook, and selling stuff is the prime focus of the media these days. Clarke is selling a book, and that fits the media's modus operandi perfectly.

So use that response the next time someone claims he's "just selling a book." Then ask them to actually refute a claim he's made.

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