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Monday, March 15, 2004  

But they're not crooked, so stop saying that.

Videos with fake journalists lauding Medicare law under scrutiny: "Congressional investigators are scrutinizing television segments in which the Bush administration paid people to pose as journalists praising the benefits of the new Medicare law.
The videos, a hybrid of advertising and journalism, are intended for use in local television news programs. Several include images of President Bush receiving a standing ovation from a crowd cheering as he signed the Medicare drug-benefit law on Dec. 8.
The materials were produced by the Health and Human Services Department, but the source is not identified. Two videos end with the voice of a woman who says, 'In Washington, I'm Karen Ryan reporting.'
But the production company, Home Front Communications, said it had hired Ryan to read a script written by the government."
Federal law prohibits the use of federal money for "publicity or propaganda purposes" not authorized by Congress.

Kevin Keane, a Health and Human Services spokesman, said there was nothing nefarious about the broadcast materials, which he said had been distributed to television stations across the country. He said by law the government is required to inform beneficiaries about changes in Medicare.
Unbelievable, until you realise it's the Republicans doing it. Then it becomes easy to believe. There is absolutely no limit to ethics or legal violations for these bastards. They quite simply don't care. The law does not apply to them.

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