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Friday, March 12, 2004  

Congressman David Dreier was on CNN with Lou Dobbs last night. It was one of the sillier performances I've seen. Very Orwellian. You know - trade deficit good, job outsourcing is good, remain calm, all is well. He actually said, "we've seen a tremendous increase in the number of computer software engineering jobs over the past few years." Yeah, that'll do wonders for the folks losing their jobs from closing chicken plants in the rural south, Dave.

But here's the bit I really found interesting. At one point, he said, "Do you know that 93 percent of what the United States exports to Australia today are actually manufactured goods and, under this agreement, 99 percent of them will be able to go terror-free into Australia."

99% are terror-free? So one percent of our manufactured goods are going to be really frightened on their way to Australia? What in the world does that even mean?

Is this the Republican strategy, to just mention terror in everything?

Could they be any more transparent or pathetic?

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