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Wednesday, March 17, 2004  

It should be Noted
We should not waste time being outraged by the behaviour of George W. Bush and his Parcel O Rogues. I know this may seem counter-intuitive to many on the left as, after all, much of what George W. Bush has done has been outrageous. Whether it be Stealing an election; warflogging his way into Iraq; politicising 9/11 for electoral gain; looting the treasury at the behest of his grasping campaign donors; and then fibbing about the consequences; George W. Bush is no stranger to outrageous behaviour. George W. Bush is counting on our outrage for his re(s)election

And by exploding new campaign ads in the local and national news cycle as Kerry travels, BC04 is sure to get deep into framing the news debate on the day of release.

And, ABC News has observed and learned, the secondary explosions might be cleverly designed to go well BEYOND the day of release.

Various Senate officials tell ABC News that the use of footage from the Senate floor in yesterday's new ad is an apparent violation of the chamber's rules. More on that below.

A Bush adviser concedes that courting controversy by including edgy images (the 9/11 stuff, the French Job, and, now, the Senate floor material) is a great way to ensure days and days of free media coverage to amplify the campaign's message and fight things out on their terms.

The President's admakers didn't sit around for months, spending millions of dollars before a single ad aired, twiddling their collective thumbs. And they don't casually choose the images they use — or fail to consult lawyers and communications experts about them.

George W. Bush may be a lying, crookedpsychopathh but he is a cunning lying, crooked psychopathh. Because of his lies, and ourineffectivee outrage, George W. Bush is starting to have a good war. Kos has something to say on this

That was quick. After weeks of the defensive, the Bush campaign and its apologists have ridden the Spain bombings into a fairly coherent and very effective counterattack. After weeks of attack, it is Kerry that is on the defensive.
It started with the Spain bombings, and the developing GOoPer and warblogger argument (firstidentifiedd by Big Media Matt) that if there are no terrorist attacks through election day, then Bush has made us safer. And if there is an attack before election day, changing leadership would be an act of appeasement.

You have to marvel at the effective simplicity of that stupid ass argument.


Every time Bush lies, it forces Kerry to set the record straight, taking him off message and wasting a news cycle in the process. The last few days have shown the tactic works better than the truth, and expect a lot more of this crap over the next half-year.

George W. Bush has been talking his way out of trouble all his life and there are few better, or more practiced. George W. Bush's campaign strategy is not just one born out of necessity but out of choice. There will always be some poor son of a bitch with whom he can pin the blame; and there will always be a gaggle of minions, on hand, to make sure it sticks. We need a strategy that will constantly put Bush on the back foot; that will never give him enough time to regain his composure and will never give him the time to launch the type of concerted, coordinated attack he has used in the past to squash Democratic challengers.

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