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Thursday, March 11, 2004  

Lou Dobbs seems to have found himself on the wrong side of the Mighty Wurlitzer. Apparently Mr. Dobbs had the audacity to criticise George W. Bush's disastrous economic policies. Rather than address Mr. Dobb's issues head on, his critics decided to resort to the tried and tested right wing strategy of character assassination. Fortunately, for us mere mortals, Mr. Dobbs has decided to fight back...

I will tell you it does make a fellow think when attacked so energetically and so personally. But in none of the attacks on my position on outsourcing has a single columnist or news organization seen fit to deal with the facts.

Number one: We're not creating jobs in the private sector, and that's never happened before in our history. Our economists and politicians need to be coming up with answers, not dogma.

Number two: We haven't had a trade surplus in this country in more than two decades, and our trade deficit continues to soar.

Number three: We've lost three million jobs in this country over the last three years, and millions more American jobs are at risk of being outsourced to cheap overseas labor markets.

That seems to me, at least, to be more than sufficient evidence for all of us, Republicans and Democrats alike, to question critically the policies of both parties that have led us to this critical juncture in our economy and our history.

CNN has also decided to join the fray.

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