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Tuesday, March 09, 2004  

Mel Gibson's Medieval Christianity

As you all may know Mel Gibson is a religious fanatic. However, it was not his fault as he inherited his barmy God bothering ways from his old man: Hutton Gibson. Mel's dad profoundly disapproved of Vatican II and is an anti-Semitic Holocaust denier. Like a good father he passed his values onto his son.

Now, as an old fashioned Catholic Mel is clearly not just content with spreading a bit of Jew hating around the planet. Nope, he is also making some coin from the suffering of his Lord and Saviour ( a note to the Bible Believing Christians(c) don't wear your Nail Pendants during the Second Coming. Jebus might just send your ass to HELL on a flashback ). A practice not seen since Christianity was Medieval and people like Geoffrey Chaucer were satirising this hypocrisy has been resurrected for the 21th Centuary. Charming.

A Question: If you are a Protestant and buy these Pardoner's trinkets do you go to Hell for Idolatry?

My thanks to Laz for inviting me to his blog.

ps As a good Scot I would like to "thank" Mr. Gibson for making s**t up about my country's history in that piece of nonesense "Braveheart." Idiot.

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