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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

So, Kerry is our nominee.

I've said some fairly unkind things about him in the past, and I'm still not completely excited about him. I wish we had spent more time vetting and choosing a nominee, instead of rushing headlong into this choice. (Clinton only won 4 of the first 14 primaries, for example, in 1992.)

That said, I will enthusiastically vote for him in November. Bush has got to go.

The big question now, I guess, concerns the nominee for VP. Some of the names I've heard thrown out are horrible, Lieberman-esque choices. For example, Hillary Clinton and Dick Gephardt. Very, very bad.

I'm also not as enthralled with the idea of Bob Graham as some people seem to be. Yes, he was popular in Florida and he's smacked Bush around on 9/11 some, but he's apparently a charisma vacuum. His campaign went nowhere fast.

Edwards would be good, I guess, but I don't like the idea of both slots in the ticket being Senators, and being pro-war, anti-gay marriage folks.

Wesley Clark is a good choice, I feel, and he's already on the Kerry bandwagon. I'd almost rather see Clark as Sec. State or National Security Advisor, though.

Bill Richardson does some nice stuff with the demographics and regionality of the race, being from the Southwest, but he's apparently shot down the idea.

So I don't know who should be picked, to be honest. Maybe we can use the extreme down time Terry has gifted us with to make a reasoned and informed decision.

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