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Saturday, April 17, 2004  

God Save The Queen

Did you know that Great Britain's current reigning Monarch is incorrectly titled? When Liz ascended to the thrown she took the title of Elizabeth the Second. Now, the sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed what is amiss: During the reign of the "first" Queen Elizabeth there was no Great Britain. At this time Scotland was an independent country ( first by the beheaded Mary and latterly by her son James who was the sixth of that name to rule Scotland.

The Union of the Crowns did not take place until the death of the "Virgin Queen" ( Eliz 1 ) and the ascension of James the Sixth to the Joined Crown of Great Britain. He became the First of Great Britain but the bible he commissioned used his Scottish title. The point of this: You cannot be the second when there is no first.

The latter day Liz decided to take the name Elizabeth 2. There were protests in Scotland when it was found out that she was to take a title that had some unpleasant historical implications for the Scots. The English Crown has prior form for claiming dominion over lands they do not rule: For hundreds of years they claimed to be the rulers of France as well as Scotland when both those lands had monarchs of their own.

She is Queen Elizabeth anything else is, at best, fantasy land and, at worst, treason.

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