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Saturday, April 17, 2004  

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Blair refused offer of get-out clause on Iraq:

Tony Blair rejected George Bush's offer of keeping British troops out of Iraq, it emerged yesterday, as the two leaders mounted a united front on the year-long campaign.
The US president welcomed his closest ally to the White House on a day when an impressively sourced book by the Watergate journalist Bob Woodward laid bare damaging revelations of their conduct in the run-up to the war.

In the book, Plan of Attack, Mr Woodward writes that Mr Bush offered Mr Blair the option of keeping British troops out of the war because he was so concerned that the government might fall. Mr Blair rejected the offer.

I find it very difficult to ascribe this amount of nobility to George W. Bush. His MO is that of implied threat and coercion, not the Queensbury Rules. I seem to remember that there was a gaggle of the most hard-core neo-cons who opposed Britain's involvement in the ( most recent ) attack on Iraq. You may remember this bon mot from Don Rumsfeld just before hostilities began in ernest. It was not just because they are American First cultural supremacist that caused them to distrust the involvement of Perfidious Albion in their pet war; They found themselves in the position where they could not invade Iran without the permission of the British government.

A British government, with close ties to the government of Iran, was never going to let that happen. Marked down to occupy the southern part of Iraq, the main invasion route into Iran, the neo-cons found themselves in the position of realising they had just swallowed a poisoned pill.

I would guess that George was only representing certain administration "interests" to the British Prime Minister. Tony Blair refused these blandishments for a good reason. War with Iran, on top of a disastrous war with Iraq, would have been the final folly. However this nobility is hardly likely to be recognised back in the UK. Tony has lots of enemies at home, and the most worrying does not come from the left. Step forward Gordon Brown.

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