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Sunday, April 04, 2004  

I don't make a practise of posting entire news stories, but this one is so important, and so short, I felt it worth making an exception. Oh, and I'm back from the evil illness, of which the less said, the better.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | War on Iraq 'has helped' Bin Laden: "The Sunni triangle in Iraq has become a base from which Islamic jihadists can train and test their cadre, senior officials at the CIA and the US state department have conceded.
Speaking to the Washington Post, officials also admitted that the war on Iraq had widened the constituency for Osama bin Laden's brand of anti-Americanism among Islamic militants.
The insurgency in Iraq had, the sources said, created 'a new Rolodex of fellow jihadists and people with whom they can work in the [Persian] Gulf in the future'.
While the attacks in Afghanistan have made the al-Qaida network less effective, Islamic organisations in areas such as north Africa and south-east Asia, which previously focused on changing their national leadership, have redirected their ire towards the US, sources told the newspaper.
It quoted what it called a senior intelligence source saying the jihadists 'have been caught by bin Laden's vision, and poisoned by it ... they will now look at the US, Israel and the Saudis as targets'.
This private view was partly confirmed at a House international relations subcommittee by the state department coordinator on counter-terrorism, J Cofer Black, who said bin Laden's 'virulent anti-American rhetoric ... has been picked up by a number of Islamic extremist movements which exist around the globe'.
As a result, Mr Black said, this 'greatly complicates our task in stamping out al-Qaida and poses a threat in its own right for the foreseeable future'.
Al-Qaida had always consisted of a loose coalition of independently operating, like-minded cells. But whereas in the past they went to groups to offer them training and financing, those groups were now coming to them."
Imagine that. War in Iraq has hurt the war on terror. But Richard Clarke is a liar, and a bad guy.

But now al Qaeda has volunteers lining up to join the fight against the US.

Feel safer yet?

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