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Friday, April 02, 2004  

I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message
George W. Bush has just spent 41.8 million dollars on televison advertising. Which, even to a spoiled rich kid is quite a bit of coin. And with John Kerry ahead 3 points and 5 points , respectivly it would seem that he did not get much bang for his buck. And why would that be? Well, Richard Clarke is still standing; and George W. Bush has taken a hit on his national security numbers. The drop in the number is by no means huge but it is an ersosion of Bush's only electoral advantage.

Richard Clarke is showing himself to be on one of America's true adepts at political maneouvering and has , thus far, managed to stay a couple of steps ahead of the "good news" from the Whitehouse. This Adminstration may has finally come across somebody who, with both excellent positional play and a bludgeoning uppercut, has more talent at being a baddass than they do.

Meanwhile John Kerry raised $43 million dollars. Just in time to rebut Mr. Bush's recent ad buy.

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