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Sunday, April 04, 2004  

Kos is in a spot of bother
From MyDD

There was a planned migration from server to server for Daily Kos, it was supposed to happen a few days ago, but didn't occur till last night. Daily Kos is back up now, and Markos plans to respond to John Kerry, and and the recent developments.
As for my take, it's almost as if Dick Bell's Kerry PR blog is trying to have a Sista Soulja moment with the netroots. Problem is, we were never sista's to begin with. I met with Kerry's CTO Sanford Dickert & Cameron Barrett a few days ago in DC, where Sanford layed out their 'vision' of Kerry's internet campaign. All I have to say is, you can't build a vision if you are blind to the roots.

What Kerry's Dick Bell has done is bend to the will of radical fringe right of the blogosphere (the one's who will use deaths in Iraq for their own partisan gain). The rightwing blogosphere is right this moment undergoing a coordinated email campaign to every part of the Democratic establishment, beating them into a submissive dismissal of Daily Kos, because of one offhand comment made, which Kos had already retracted. First the advertisers, then John Kerry. What's next, the DSCC, the DNC and the DCCC blogroll? You think the wingnuts will be satisfied then? No, they'll just go after the next link, and the next blogger.

Matt Stoller, over at BOPNes, has quite an interesting view

It's an interesting question he raises, about the responsibility advertisers have to monitor the content of the sites on which they advertise. This also includes linking; how responsible is a site for linking to another site which posts questionable content? These aren't new questions, but with the blogosphere writing down conversations that didn't use to get written down, they take on new meaning. Had Markos made this comment among friends, or in a speech, or even on talk radio, it's unlikely that anyone would have noticed. But with everyday discussions among friends subject to such intense public scrutiny, the question of context is amplified, because more and more free conversation is open to exploitation.

Intersting times for Blogistan. Is this a dangerous threat to free speach and Democratic fundraising or is this a coming of age for a new media>

Or, just a bit of both.

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