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Monday, April 26, 2004  

New Iraqi Flag Meets With Public Disapproval (washingtonpost.com): "BAGHDAD, April 26 -- It was supposed to be the perfect symbol for a new and unified Iraq: an Islamic crescent on a field of pure white, with two blue stripes representing the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and a third yellow stripe to symbolize the country's Kurdish minority.
But the new national flag, presented Monday after an artistic competition sponsored by the Iraqi Governing Council, appears to have met with widespread public disapproval here -- in part because of its design and in part because of the increasing unpopularity of the U.S.-appointed council.
In interviews in several Baghdad neighborhoods, a variety of residents expressed strong negative reactions to the flag, which was reproduced in most daily newspapers. In particular, people objected to the pale blue color of the crescent and stripes, saying it was identical to the dominant color in the flag of Israel, a Jewish state.
'When I saw it in the newspaper, I felt very sad,' said Muthana Khalil, 50, a supermarket owner in Saadoun, a commercial area in central Baghdad. 'The flags of other Arab countries are red and green and black. Why did they put in these colors that are the same as Israel? Why was the public opinion not consulted?'
Other residents objected to the removal of the phrase, 'God is greatest,' which adorned the previous national flag, and said there was no need for a new one until national elections are held next January and a new constitution is written. "
A graphic demonstration of why the Iraqis have major problems with us, and why the people in charge of Iraq right now are idiots. These must be the same people who came up with "Operation Infinite Justice" and use of the word "crusade" in the region.

The Iraqi flag is it is today:

The flag of Israel:

The new Iraqi flag:

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