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Friday, April 23, 2004  

Okay, it's about time these idiots in our government paid attention to reality instead of their neocon fantasies.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Keep out of Najaf, Iran warns US: "Iranian clerics have warned the US that a military assault on two holy cities in Iraq would unleash the wrath of Shia Muslims.
Their warning was echoed by President Mohammed Khatami, who said it would be 'suicide' for the coalition to attack Najaf and Kerbala, still encircled by US forces.
It would 'mobilise emotions among the world's Shia against the Americans', he added in a statement reported by Tehran newspapers. 'I do not think they will make such a mistake, because if they did they would be caught up in a storm.'
Three senior clerics used stronger language, saying they would issue fatwas (religious rulings) if the pilgrimage sites remained encircled.
'The US should know that the holy city of Najaf is the capital for all the world's Shias and that if the occupiers do not end the encirclement they will be confronted by all Shias,' Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani said, according to the newspaper Hamshahri. "

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