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Friday, April 16, 2004  

On A Mission From God
Last night I was watching the ITV ( Britain's oldest commercial TV station ) nightly news. One of their reporters had managed to get an interview with three heavily armed Iraqi "Contractors". The three "civilian contractors" were walking to "work" and the interview went thus...

Lanky English Reporter Guy: "So you off to do a job?"
Short Stocky American Packing Heat: "Eh!?"
L.E.R.G: "What are your thoughts about the mission you are about to go on?"
S.S.A.P.H.: "Nope, this mission is perfectly safe."
L.E.R.G: "What makes you think the mission is safe?"
S.S.A.P.H: "Because I believe in GOD"

At this point L.E.R.G. cannot keep the incredulity from his voice...

Incredulous L.E.R.G: "Why do you think God is going to keep you safe?"
"Righteous" S.S.A.P.H ( straight to camera ): "I guess I am just raised different (sic)".

Now, Great Britain is the most secular nation in the world and this may have been what prompted the reporters incredulity. No doubt he fed into every of the contractors prejudices about foreigners and "media elites" with that comment.
However, when the British press interview somebody from Her Majesty's forces about going into action the squaddie ( or Jasper ) will say that they are going to do "their job" and, when questioned about their feelings the reply is "it's my job". God has no place in the thinking of your average British soldier.
The Contractors were carrying MP5 ( an automatic weapon ) which means that the prohibition on contractors carrying anything other than pistols has obviously been lifted. A worrying development considering their inability to rationally judge the dangers around them.

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