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Saturday, April 17, 2004  

Reuters AlertNet - One dead, 6 wounded in Kosovo, UN police trade fire

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Serbia and Montenegro, April 17 (Reuters) - An American policewoman with the United Nations force in Kosovo was killed on Saturday and four U.S. policewomen were badly wounded in a shootout, said to be with Jordanian police, after a dispute about Iraq, a hospital official said.

A male American officer and an Austrian policeman were also wounded in the shooting at the U.N. compound in the city of Mitrovica, said Milan Ivanovic, deputy head of the Serbian hospital in Mitrovica.

Unconfirmed reports spoke of a total of five dead and 14 wounded in the incident, alleged to have been sparked by a dispute over Iraq between American and Jordanian colleagues.

Worrying Times.

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