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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Woman loses her job over coffins photo

"A military contractor has fired Tami Silicio, a Kuwait-based cargo worker whose photograph of flag-draped coffins of fallen U.S. soldiers was published in Sunday's edition of The Seattle Times.
Silicio was let go yesterday for violating U.S. government and company regulations, said William Silva, president of Maytag Aircraft, the contractor that employed Silicio at Kuwait International Airport."
While I understand that rules are rules, and that protecting the privacy of shipping contents, etc., is critical, we all owe this woman for revealing to the world the truth about the casualties of this war.

Next, we need someone to sneak a camera into Walter Reed and reveal how many of our "wounded" are actually missing limbs. Just saying "wounded" doesn't pass on the impact of what's happening to our young men over there.

Oh, I forgot to mention:
"Maytag also fired David Landry, a co-worker who recently wed Silicio."

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